Chemistry is a web and tablet platform built for sales and marketing alignment.

Web Experience

Our web experience is a back-office technology that enables marketing professionals to control the things that are most important to them. Chemistry is packed with a robust suite of asset management features, user management tools and insightful sales analytics.

Tablet Experience

Chemistry's tablet technology was built with one purpose in mind — to deliver the most intuitive and easy-to-use experience in the enterprise. It is our belief that the first step toward sales and marketing alignment is creating an experience that sales professionals want (and even sometimes love) to use.

Deliver assets.
Stay up to date.

At the core of our platform is a simplistic asset manager that has the power to deliver marketing and sales collateral globally. Chemistry delivers real-time, read-only assets from the web, to your sales force's tablets in a fashion that maintains control of your brand and content while empowering sales to organize their presentations the way they please.

Customize your pitch. Present with ease.

Every sales professional is different. From the first call to the final close, no one approach is the same. It's this fundamental principle that drove us to develop a simple and easy-to-use experience that enables sales professionals to organize content based on their presentation style and prospect needs.

Send documents. See how prospects engage.

Chemistry‚Äôs tablet application allows sales professionals to send assets through what we call Envelopes. Once an Envelope is sent, sales can see analytics regarding how the prospect has engaged and navigated those materials — delivering a next level of insight from their tablets.

Communicate with Salesforce.

Coming soon, Chemistry communicates with Salesforce, the world's most popular enterprise CRM. When an Envelope is sent, Chemistry integrates with your Salesforce account to automatically route and attach information to contacts and opportunities. If no opportunity or contact exists, it will assign as a new lead.

Empower with tools.

Chemistry's tools section is an upcoming function that will allow sales teams the ability to access key web-based "tools" from within Chemistry. From ROI calculators to square-footage calculators to white-boarding apps, Chemistry will seamlessly integrate with your must-have selling tools.

Add Science to the art of selling.

Chemistry is a unique technology that generates passive data on how sales is presenting and how customers are engaging. This data enables marketers and executives to make strategic decisions about marketing assets, marketing campaigns and develop sales analytics regarding performance.

Sleep well with our focus on security.

We've thought through not only hardware and software security concerns — but human ones as well. With features like document locking, document expiration, military-grade data encryption, redundant file backups, and remote lockout, Chemistry's security meets the expectations of regulated industries and large enterprises.